Promote patient satisfaction and well-being with integrative mind-body healing programming available 24/7 via television in waiting rooms, patient rooms, or treatment suites.  

  • MedSerenity Channel programs are designed to reduce anxiety, lessen pain, and promote better patient outcomes. 
  • The MedSerenity Channel can be a powerful addition to your patient satisfaction initiatives. 
  • The MedSerenity Channel is available any time of the day or night right in their hospital room. 
  • The MedSerenity Channel features high quality, beautiful nature videography to help your patients on their healing journey. 
  • The MedSerenity Channel is easy to install, and provides one-on-one relaxation and comfort for minimal cost. 
  • The MedSerenity Channel is brought to you by The Wellness Network, trusted providers of The Patient Channel and Newborn Channel. 


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