What is The MedSerenity Channel?

The MedSerenity Channel is a 24-hour in-hospital TV channel delivered directly to patient rooms and waiting areas. Professionally developed by experts in integrative and mind-body medicine, MedSerenity programs can help you during your hospital stay by providing anxiety reduction, better sleep, pain relief, and overall peace of mind.
  • Part of the largest in-hospital health information TV network, the Wellness Network.
  • Available in your hospital room any time of the day or night.
  • Offers trustworthy, science-based programs developed by experts.
  • Features guided imagery, meditation, and other mind-body relaxation techniques.

What Can The MedSerenity Channel Do For You?

  • Provides you with programs designed to reduce anxiety, lessen pain, help you sleep, and support better patient outcomes.
  • Helps to promote a calm and quiet environment in the hospital room.
  • Programming repeats frequently to allow you to watch programs at different times during the day with family and friends

How Can You Continue Learning More About Mind-Body Medicine Techniques After Discharge?

As a courtesy to our viewers, we offer the following list of informational resources for finding out more about mind-body medicine.*

General Information
The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
The Center for Mind Body Medicine.

Contributors to MedSerenity Programming
Steven Halpern: Inner Peace Music.
Dr. Bernie Siegel.
Composer Darshan Ambient.

*Resources listed here are provided as a service to our viewers only and do not imply an endorsement or recommendation from the Wellness Network and the MedSerenity Channel.